Nori Rolls

It has been school holidays here in Victoria and I have been lucky enough to spend the last week by the coast experiencing that mix of weather - warm, cold, rainy, sunny, grey (often all on the same day) - that lets me know  haven't left the state. One of the pleasures of being on holidays is spending time in the kitchen with my daughter and making food. We found this recipe together in the latest Nature & Health Nutrition Guide and decided to give it a go. One of the best things about making sushi is that it is a very simple one to get your kids involved with AND it is perfect lunchbox fodder. Packed with protein, carbohydrates and vegetables it offers a great serving of many of the nutrients they need. Swapping white rice for brown rice reduces its glycaemic level and increases fibre while the iodine in seaweed is incredibly important for brain function and learning. A steady supply of protein keeps them feeling energised and satisfied longer than if they had just eaten carbohydrates or fats.

Pack a couple in your favourite My Green Lunchbox container along with crackers, hummus, a home made muffin and a couple of serves of fruit and send your children off to school a super delicious, healthy and nutritious lunch. Make these the night before and wrap them well so they do not dry out.


Lebanese cucumber, cut into matchsticks

1 carrot

1/4 tlbsp mirin

4 sheets nori seaweed

2 cups cooked brown rice

50 grams snow pea shoots, chopped

1/2 avocado, thinly sliced

200g shredded cooked chicken, drained tuna or 75g firm tofu cut into matchsticks

wasabi and tamari to serve


Marinate the cucumber and carrot in the mirrin for 5 minutes, then drain. Place one nori sheet, shiny side down, on a bamboo sushi mat. Use a spatula to spread 1/2 cup rice over the nori sheet leaving a 3 cm space at each end, to allow it to seal when you roll it up. Press rice down firmly with spatula.

Fill one strip along the centre of the rice with the carrot, cucumber, snow pea shoots, avocado and chicken, tuna or tofu

Use the mat to firmly roll up and form a roll. Repeat to make 4 rolls. Place sushi seam side down to prevent it from opening, and cut with a very sharp, wet knife. Serve with tamari and wasabi (for the more adventurous children out there).


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