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I was interviewed by 9MSN recently to comment on new research that found the more time parents spend with their children, the better their diet. It's a pretty tricky issue as there are many parents that just don't have the choice - their work demands long hours. There is plenty you can do to do if you are time poor to help ensure your children eat well. Cook up large batches of good food like minestrone and stews so you can freeze extra portions. That way you can quickly warm some up on those busy nights. Have a few good, quick recipes you can whip up and make sure you have the ingredients on hand. The key is planning ahead and having plenty of good fresh foods available.

David Morgan - Food Stylist for Peter Evans

The amazing food stylist David Morgan has photographed some of our favourite My Green Lunch Box products to be included in the soon to be released Cookbook for Kids food by Celebrity Chef Peter Evans. Very excited!!


Photo: Thanks so much to the amazing food stylist David Morgan for photographing some of my favourite My Green Lunch Box products. They are to be included in the soon to be released Cookbook for kids lunch boxes by Celebrity Chef Peter Evans. Very excited!!


nature and health magazine

Thanks to the lovely people at Nature and Health Magazine for including me as an 'earthwise' expert and my eco tips to get you packing a 'nude' lunch.



What an awesome, information packed first issue featuring so many of my favourite foodies - The Healthy Chef, The Natural Nutritionist, Sue Shepherd and me!! What an honour! Head on over to page 62 of their Spring Issue and check out my article, 'Midday Meals for Mini Mouths'.

nine msN

I was interviewed by ninemsn  to discuss how getting children to serve their own meals can prevent obesity. The notion of forcing children to finish everything on their plate is really obsolete. By serving themselves they gain a sense of control over the food they eat and meal time is no longer a battle ground. The study found children are more likely to recognise the sensation of feeling full and stop eating, setting up life long healthy eating patterns. Offering a wide variety of foods (including different vegetables) also allows for better nutrition generally. What better way is there to finish the day than sharing a range of delicious, nutritious foods with your loved ones!


Feeling very proud to have been included In Wellspring's 10 Trailblazers in the Health, Fitness and Beauty along side the likes of Professor Kerryn Phelps, Olympic Gold Medalist Matthew Mitcham and best selling Paleo Food Author Lola Berry. Pretty inspirational company to keep!


Photo: Thanks  so much for the write up Wellspring Magazine!


natural new age mum

Thanks for including our products in  your annual Christmas Gift Guide featuringthe very best fabulous natural, eco-friendly goodies around.



 marie claire

I shared my 'Food As Medicine Tips - How to Stay Well Over Winter' with the Marie Claire readers. I certainly find a good dose of Vitamin D in oily fish, shitake mushrooms (in soups and stir-fry) along with liberal amounts of chia seeds, goji berries and plenty of vegetables (especially the orange and yellow kind) helps keep away those dreaded bugs for my family.




So you have heard about all those latest superfoods, you keep seeing them in the supermarket but you just don't know how to cook with them or even why you should? Find the answers to all those questions and even a bit more in my article 'What Superfoods Can Do For You' on pp 80 - 85 in the always informative on-line mag, Born Organized.



It was a real honour to to have my article 'Joining The Nude Food Revolution' posted on one of my favourite writers sites - Jo Hegerty's 'Down to Earth Mother'. Jo write's about sustainability, health, parenting and travel, among other things, for some of Australia’s leading publications. Down to Earth Mother is designed to inspire, inform and motivate mums to make greener choices, love being a part of that!



Thanks to the lovely people over at Spencil for sharing my healthy eating lunch box tips with their readers

My Green Lunch Box tips for what to put in kids’ lunchboxes

By Lindy Cook 30 October 2013

Great school lunch ideas for Spencil Lunch boxes and bags

Peekaboo Magazine

Thanks for featuring our gorgeous emerald onya drink bottles Peekaboo Magazine. Loving the Pantone green spread!


Photo: Thanks for featuring our gorgeous emerald onya drink bottles Peekaboo Magazine. Loving the Pantone green spread!



I am soooo excited to have connected with Therese Kerr. She is an inspiring woman and we have a shared passion of improving nutrition for our children. I will  be posting regularly on her site on all things environmental, nutrition and health related.

 'Boycott the Bottle', outlines the human, animal, financial and environmental impact of our love affair with bottled water.



BOrn organized on-line magazine

Here's a snippet of my new article for the on line mag, Born Organized. I am now their regular 'expert columnist'. Love spreading the word about nutrition and sustainability!

Photo: Here's a snippet of my new article for the on line mag, Born Organized. I am now their regular 'expert columnist'. Love spreading the word about nutrition and sustainability!

this whole family blog

The lovely Meagan interviewed me for her very popular blog 'This Whole Family' on March 1st 2013. She chronicles her family's everyday wonder and strives to live more simply, to eat (and even grow) whole foods, to slow down, to give more, to spend less time in front of screens and more time with Mother Nature, to create, to imagine, to grow, to learn and above all else to be the change we wish to see. Her blogs are always inspiring and a greater reminder of how the simple things in life can have the most meaning. Thanks for the write up Meagan.


Thanks for the write up Motherpedia - an on line community for mums by mums.


Green Lifestyle Magazine

I was very chuffed to be an invited guest blogger for Green Lifestyle Magazine. Read all about my tips to pack a healthy, waste free lunch


Port Phillip Leader

My daughter was VERY excited to have her photo taken for the local paper

ELWOOD nutritionist Lindy Cook knows getting children to eat healthy food can be a daily battle.

Picture: RICHARD SERONG N30CK534 Lindy Cook with daughter Imogen, 8, has tips for healthy school lunches.

The mother-of-two has an arsenal of secret weapons to ensure her kids’ lunches are packed with nutrition.

‘‘ Sneaking superfoods into cookies and muffins is a really good strategy,’’ Mrs Cook said. ‘‘Chia seeds are packed with iron, calcium and magnesium, and ... tend to absorb the taste of the food they’re in.’’

While most schools ban nuts, alternative healthy snacks include sunflower seeds, goji berries and sulphur-free dried apricots.

Protein was essential for improving concentration, Mrs Cook said.



What an inspiring women EcoChick (Lara Shannon) is -  so happy to be interviewed by her and featured on the EcoChick website.


Family Capers

Writing this blog was right up my alley - How To Pack a Healthy Lunch.


I Village

I Village is an on line, daily destination for women, with an active women's community. Thanks for sharing my Superfood Muesli Slice recipe!

Photo: Here's a pic of my superfood muesli slice. Enjoy x

Eco Voice

Eco Voice provides extensive up to date information on environment and sustainable development including, renewable energy, sustainable building, natural living and organic agriculture. Great to be included in this educational, on line forum.


 We heart Babyology here at My Green Lunch Box. It's the place to find anything for children and parents that’s worth having, from the practical to the sublime and everything in between. They love the high-end and the hip, whether from emerging designers, boutique brands or bigger names, so very happy to be chosen to feature in their 2013 Back to School Guide.


SYM Lunchboxes clear background Back to School Guide   lunch boxes and food storage

"Here’s some old school style with a contemporary twist – and what a gorgeous combination they make. These retro-inspired So Young Mother lunch boxes from My Green Lunch Box are the bomb. They can be worn as a back pack, or messenger style, and are adorned with a fabulous series of designs. They are insulated, and cost $34.95 each." Babyology Back to school Guide




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