I often have a house full of 9 year olds for after school play dates and they are all, always hungry! Today I came up with a winner, a super food smoothie packed with goodies that had them all begging for more. My ‘green’ berry and banana super food smoothie takes a couple of minutes to whiz up, all that’s needed is a batch of frozen fruits in the freezer. The Coconut water adds a gorgeous sweetness to the blend and is ideal for a hot day, with its high electrolyte and rich mineral content. Chia seeds up the fibre and essential fatty acid content and of course berries are one of nature's super foods', packed with antioxidant goodness. The best thing for me is the knowledge that there is a handful of spinach hidden in all that deliciousness! It was COMPLETELY disguised by the berries and banana, with nothing green to be seen or tasted. You have got to love it when kids are drinking down their vegies and they don't even realise!


Serves 2 - 3

Coconut water - 200 ml

Frozen banana

Frozen mixed berries - 1 cup

Large handful of spinach

Chia Seeds - 1 tsp


Blend well and serve!


Photo: I had a house full of 9 year old's this after school today and they were ALL hungry. I came up with an absolute winner that had them begging for more, a 'green' super food berry & banana smoothie. I was soooo happy to see them drinking down some spinach (they had no idea it was there). Here's the recipe, I am pretty sure your kids will love it too.


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