Nutritionist and mum, Lindy Cook is the force behind My Green Lunch Box. One thing Lindy loves to do above all else is to get out in the world and share her absolute passion for good nutrition, healthy eating and sustainability! She has previously lectured at Endeavour College and is a regular speaker in the corporate world, sharing her  'recipes for  health'.  Lindy never fails to motivate those around her, regardless of age, with practical, inspiring talks and plenty of take home tips to help you live that life you have always aspired to - full of glowing, good health, delicious healthy food and fun!

At My Green Lunch Box she offers a variety of talks to inspire and educate, ensuring the daily grind of packing a lunch box is less of a chore. Let Lindy inspire change in your school lunch box and tuck shop with sound advice on how to implement healthy nutrition policies for your children. You might just find you walk away feeling motivated to make those dietary changes you had always planned to do "one day' yourself!

Choose from one of the talks below, or let us know if you have another hot topic you would like discussed. Every session includes super delicious food tastings, menu suggestions and recipe handouts.


Fresh Ideas for Healthy Lunches

At Green My Lunch Box we know just how important it is to fill your growing kids with good food to keep them focused and full of energy for their day. We also realize that sometimes it’s not so easy to get the best foods in. We’re here to help you get the good stuff in without them even knowing! Packing lunch will be a breeze after this informative session. You will leave armed with practical, take home tips and delicious recipes to keep your kiddliewinks healthy and happy to chow down at home and at school.


My Green Lunch Box School Tuckshop Review

Let My Green Lunch Box visit your school canteen and check out the foods on offer. A third of children's food intake is eaten at school. With obesity and all it's associated health risks on the rise, it is increasingly important to have the right foods available. We help ensure sound nutrition policies are implemented and all waste and packaging is kept to a minimum.

Healthy food and drink choices at school means less waste and better nutrition for our children.


With allergies and food sensitivities eternally on the rise, it can leave you feeling a little unsure about exactly which foods are safe to serve. My Green Lunch Box helps you navigate the maze of common allergens, allergies versus sensitivities, how to interpret food labels and just exactly what  terms such as coeliac, lactose and gluten intolerant mean. This is a fun, interactive session where you can get answers to all those nutrition and dietary questions you always wondered about.


superfoods for superheroes

Not all foods were created equal - some are so packed with vitamins, minerals and other beneficial goodies that they have been deemed 'superfoods'. Put simply, superfoods give you more 'bang for your buck' than regular foods.

Learn about these fabulous foods and how, by simply incorporating a serve or two in your families daily diet, you can greatly improve your health, boost your immunity and support a life of optimal vitality and wellbeing. This session includes superfood sampling and completely delicious tastings of superfood treats that you and your children will love.


tips to pack a 'nude' lunch

Schools nation-wide are embracing the nude food revolution and encouraging children to bring a rubbish free lunch to school. Australia is the second highest producer of waste per person in the western world! Unfortunately school lunches are contributing to this, with the average lunch-toting child generating around 30 kg of litter a year. You can do your bit to reduce this by packing a school lunch without including any extra packaging. Lindy gives you all the information you need to make every day a 'nude food' day.




“Lindy provided us with a thorough and informative nutritional session on super foods and even had us taste test some delicious recipes of smoothies and amazing protein balls. Her friendly and approachable nature added to her valuable knowledge that she provided the group and we have now all purchased a number of the ingredients that were presented to us. It was a great way to introduce a healthy office culture and the information provided on sugar confirmed why we needed to get rid of our confectionary box! We are now organising our own “Healthy Lunch Days” using the recipes that were provided to us on the day.”
SES headquarters, Mulgrave

"We had the pleasure of once again having Lindy present a talk to a group at our office. The topic covered the effects of stress on sleep and how best to deal with it and what foods to avoid or include in the diet.

"If you haven’t yet had a chance to book a session with Lindy, then we highly recommend it! The importance of health and nutrition is vital and Lindy offers simple solutions that can be incorporated into any lifestyle."

"Best workshop ever!" - Nutrition and Wellbeing Workshop, Maribyrnong child care




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